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Colossians 1:15-23 Application

In verses 15-20, Paul states twelve ways that Christ is superior to things (such as angels) to which Colossian Christians might find themselves drawn. Christ is:

• The image of the invisible God (v. 15a).
• The firstborn of all creation (v. 15b).
• The one by whom all things were created (v. 16).
• The one who is before all things (v. 17a).
• The one who held (and holds) all things together (v. 17b).
• The head of the body, the church (v. 18a)
• The beginning (v. 18b).
• The firstborn from the dead (v. 18c).
• The one who has preeminence (v. 18d).
• The one in whom all the fullness was pleased to dwell (v. 19).
• The one through whom God has chosen to reconcile al things (v. 20a).
• The one who has made peace through the blood of his cross (v. 20b).